The War Within

A Holistic Approach to Preventing Veteran Suicide


Krystle Shapiro, MSHN, LMT

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It is important to understand how the body works, what the body needs for optimal functioning, and what each individual suffering from toxic exposures in theaters of war every day during their deployments can do to begin healing from the onset and duration of negative symptoms once they return home. The War Within explains the impact of specific toxic exposures experienced in Iraq and Afghanistan, what they are, and what they cause in the body and brain diminishing overall function. I present a five part plan, easy to follow by soldiers, veterans, and families to begin the healing process.

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This book is a must read and brings to light the unnecessary crisis of veteran suicide. The beauty of this book is Krystle Shapiro providing solutions to the many assaults veterans face while in service. Her 5 step ‘Road to Recovery’ holistic approach will positively change the lives of veterans as well as their families. Read it, share it, be part of the road to recovery too.

Paula Bartholomy, MS, BCHN, Amazon Customer



Krystle Shapiro, MSHN, LMT

Krystle Shapiro is the daughter of a veteran US Air Force lieutenant colonel who served in World War II and Korea. While she was earning her master of science in holistic nutrition in 2012, her interest in helping veterans was sparked by an NPR article on the rising incidence of veteran suicide. Recognizing the extreme levels of toxic chemical exposures experienced by combat soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan, Krystle developed a five-part program to help veterans and their families understand how such toxins affect human health-and how to begin remediation through proper detoxification protocols and whole-foods nutrition. Krystle lives in Sandpoint, Idaho, and teaches pathology and kinesiology at the North Idaho Massage Academy; she also provides nutrition education classes through her business, NewTritionally Yours!

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